Mountain Man Micro Farms LLC is dedicated to growing the finest, most nutritious, microgreens on the market. With our locally grown products we are offering a hand to the flavour profile and visual composition of every plate we take part in. We provide a unique interaction for our customers, as we provide custom, farmed-to-order microgreens. We literally farm for YOU - From seed to delivery, the greens are grown just for you and your needs.

By using living microgreens, this will ensure a longer shelf life and a preservation of the nutritional benefits. This allows the greens to be harvested moments before they are added to your culinary dish, guaranteeing freshness, bringing you a truly, high quality, locally grown product.

If you are interested in learning more about our microgreens, feel free to contact us so we can begin helping you today.


Current delivery routes bring your favorite greens from Castle Rock all the way north to Boulder! Contact us today to get on the rotation for the freshest microgreens in Colorado! If you are not in the areas we currently deliver, let us know and we can likely make it out your way!