Aquaponics in the Developing World

Along with operating Mountain Man Andrew McArdle has partnered with Targeted Aquaponics as the Director of Aquaponic Operations. With this partnership, Andrew is working on aquaponic system designs to help feed schools and orphanages around the world.

Arua, Uganda

Phase 1

August 2017: Andrew McArdle of Mt. Man joined TAG (Targeted Aquaponic Growth) to Arua, Uganda. The initial phase of sourcing and phase one of the construction was completed. This included the installation of solar power that is capable of operating two water pumps 24/7.

Phase 2

December 2017: Phase two of the installation and training was implemented. Upon arrival we completed the build. This time around we had a structure over our heads as the greenhouse portion had been completed in between phases. Tilapia were collected and stocked into the system to begin the cycling process. Once nitrification takes place and the appropriate beneficial bacteria colonize the system seedlings will be planted into the system and data collection will begin! We will collect data from this point forward in order to adjust and improve the system even more for future sites.

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